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Spiritual Services


private readings

100% confidential. 100% Life-changing. Click here to read more about how I value you and our relationship. Learn more about what I can help you achieve with Tarot guidance.

holistic guidance

Evolutionary Tarot doesn’t stop when the reading is over. I’m going to provide you with reading suggestions, meditations and more to help you continue on your personal journey. All tailored to you!

real-world topics

Your reading with me is part mysticism and part therapy. We can dive as deep as you’d like, in whatever topic you desire. No topic is off-limits and you will not be judged. There is nothing taboo in tarot.

multi-faceted exploration

Not just Tarot, Evolutionary Tarot. I encompass a 360-degree spiritual view of your life’s path. Go beyond the cards with astrology, natal charts, channeling and more. After all, it’s evolutionary.

on-going support

Need a little more clarity on your reading? Wondering if THIS is the situation it was referring to? I’m available via a support line to help you even after the reading. We are on a journey together.

referral rewards

Loved your reading? Want another one? Our relationship is important and your opinion is gold. Refer a friend to a reading and I can offer you exclusive rewards and free readings as a thank you.

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Evolutionary tarot for revolutionary results

Dive deep into your soul exploration with one of my Evolutionary Tarot readings.  These 15, 30 and 60-minute readings are designed to allow you to view your life’s path and get clear guidance on your amazing journey.  

Evolutionary Tarot monthly membership

Coming soon!

This exclusive monthly membership is part mentorship, part intimate community where you’ll not only receiving readings but will also be on your way to developing your own intuition and relationship with Tarot. Click the button to sign up for the wait-list!

The Tarot Reading Process

Step 1


Discovery time

Have questions about Tarot? Wanting to know if we’re a good fit for each other? Hop on a discovery call with me and get your questions answered.


Step 2


Choose your reading

Choose between 15, 30 and 60-minute readings.  Need help discovering which one is right for you?  Contact me!


Step 3


getting to know you

Once you have purchased your reading, you will be sent an intake questionnaire where you will be asked to provide information specific to your reading:  Your name, birth date, birthplace (for astrological purposes), etc plus what you would like the focus of your reading to be.  


Step 4



Once your questionnaire is received, you’ll get an email with the estimated delivery date of your reading.  Once it’s ready, your reading will be emailed to you in both pdf and audio formats.


Step 5


Have more questions?

I have answers!  Take a look at my FAQ section for additional guidance.  If your question still hasn’t been answered, please reach out to me via email  or book a free discovery call asap!

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